Text inserter for IP and analog cameras (TVI, AHD,CVI) price 170$

A line of devices is proposed, that adds intelligence to your video surveillance system by superimposing in real time text information from any external automatic devices (cash registers, scales, banknote counters, technological processes with changing parameters, etc.) to the video stream from analog and IP cameras.

The use of such technology allows you to document without the possibility of correcting the procedure for paying for goods, counting money, weighing goods, medical and repair operations, etc., resolve disputed issues and exclude the possibility of fraud and false accusation.

The basic principles used to create a line of devices:

1. Universality of application for any TV-camera, for any video registration system. Supports various protocols for transferring information from external equipment

2. Easy to install and configure the work in the system.

3. Reliability of functioning

4. Low cost

In Russia, similar devices have been successfully used since 2005, constantly evolving.

Device can insert data from POS terminals, scales, cash or currency counters and etc. to video stream from any CCTV cameras (IP, TVI, AHD, CVI). It provides maximum safety for all operations with this devices.

Up to 52 strings with 64 symbols for analog cameras.

Price about 170$
E-mail: checktv@rastr-nn.ru